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Our featured book is John Michell's new book Rossi's eCat - Free Energy, Free Money, Free People.

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2011 – And an amazing technology has been developed in Italy which has been described as the greatest scientific discovery of all human history.

Although shunned by most mainstream media - an army of enthusiasts have created websites, blogs, forums and videos discussing every stage of its development – while thousands are following this discovery on social networks.

For the first time in human history - energy – heat and power - have been produced in abundant quantities at an insignificant cost without pollution. For the first time energy can be obtained cleanly and cheaply without burning fossil fuels, without nuclear power and without renewables – genuinely portable, free, green energy.

Rossi’s eCat tells the story of how this energy source was discovered, developed by inventor Andrea Rossi, how it challenges modern science and what the consequences for mankind could be. This is a discovery which heralds nothing less than the start of a new era – the year 0 PR (Post-Rossi).

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The Leadership Delusion by John Michell. Subtitled Travels in search of a new organizational model for the 21st century.

In the hot summer of 2003 John Michell set out on a search for more meaning and engagement in working life. This search then became a journey spanning the globe several times, during which he unexpectedly stumbled upon a formula which developed into a new and strikingly original organizational model - a model in which human beings can find fulfilment and meaning in their working lives.

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November 11th, 2011

Transparency Networks by Christopher Kenworthy. Subtitled Towards inclusive government.

In this scholarly work Professor Kenworthy outlines the defining characteristics of these networks as being about purpose, organizational structure and mode, behaviour and impact. By applying transparency networks in public authorities which are attempting to become inclusive and relevant to their clients, the author puts foreward a hopeful formula for the success of openness and transparency.

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